Articles & Editorial

If you’re really interested in positioning your brand as a thought leader, consider business media where you can discuss your industry, solve target audience problems, show that you’re informed, and that you care.

More often than not, getting an article written about you comes from a journalist reacting to your press release. But it’s also possible to be proactive and contact an editor. With a story idea, of course. And only after researching their editorial calendar. And readership base, to make sure your content is a good fit.

Paid editorial may also be a viable option – the only difference is that it might be marked as such. The top of each page may read ‘advertorial’ or similar. Advertorial can still be much more attractive and persuasive than advertising, so consider it.

Red Fortune can help you research media placement, editorial tone, and also ghostwrite your content. With your byline, of course.

Want to see your name in print?