Digital Copywriting & SEO

It’s true that you need to write differently online. People scan pages rather than read them, you’ve got search engines to consider… if you’re not used to the rhythm of it, web writing can get really, really clunky.

I once worked for a client who rewrote everything I provided. His homepage still shows the copy. One of his sentences is divided by eight commas… Eight! Reading it is like falling down the rabbit hole, only there’s no cute animals to nibble you awake.

My digital copy is based in search engine friendly best practice. Which means using the most targeted keywords possible, in the right place on a web page. That way, search engines put your pages at the top of their list. Number one rankings are what we’re aiming for, after all.

Imagine that you want me to write your new website. Which of course, I will do very well. But, I’ll tell you one thing for sure – website content drives the design. So be prepared for change as we nail down not only what you say, but also the flow of turning your readers into customers.

My first company was in web design, started back in ’95. So yeah, you might say I have some experience in digital copywriting.