Email Campaigns

People check their email every day, unlike social media profiles. Email campaigns are a great way to communicate – they’re far more measurable than direct mail, and less paper used helps to save the planet.

And they’re not just for fusty boring company newsletters. They’re an opportunity to talk with your subscriber list, one on one. To thank them for their contribution to a charity campaign, for example. To showcase a new product you know will interest them.

Email campaigns are great because it’s only the beginning of a conversation – your readers can click through to your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or any number of channels where you have a presence.

They can also click an ad, and go through to your online store.

It’s all about driving people towards content. And the best part is, it’s all trackable. Why is this good? Because you can see which campaigns are working best. You can refine your messages, direct more traffic, and get people to take even more action.

Spread the word. Via email, of course. Red Fortune can help.