Marketing & Event Collateral

Although content marketing is becoming more popular as an information channel, and rightly so, marketing collateral is still very relevant. Whether printed or electronic, collateral pieces help your sales team inform prospective clients about your brand, products or service, and are used later in the sales cycle than, say, social media.

Red Fortune can help you prepare marketing collateral that will inform people about what you do and what you sell in a direct and understandable way.

Imagine the best sales pack you can give your staff, stakeholders, journalists, or trade show attendees – what would it include? Most likely a mix of elevator pitches, company backgrounders, staff biographies, case studies, sales brochures, product data sheets, newsletters, direct mail pieces, or presentation scripts.

Your sales team will get more conversions with collateral that is well researched, and speaks the same language as your target audience on a level specifically appropriate to them.