Press Releases

When you want the media to notice you, the first step is a press release. The second is a media list. But let’s get to that in a minute.

Why write a press release? Does anybody care, and can anyone hear you in our cluttered, online world?

Heck yeah, they can. Thanks to search engines, press releases can be immediately picked up not only by journalists, but by bloggers as well. And because nothing really disappears from the web, people can access past press releases when researching your brand.

It takes time and effort to keep an up to date media list. Thankfully, there are companies that do this work for you. Syndicated content is spread across their networks wherever you choose, and to specific publications you may never know existed.

But press releases are tricky beasts. Journalists more so. They are bombarded with press releases every day, and if it isn’t in a format or language structure they immediately connect with, yours will be overlooked.

You only get a 3 second chance with a journalist as they scan your headline. If they get that far and your intro paragraph is good, then you’re likely to get read. Having an online press kit is also important – minimise the work a journalist has to do, and you’re more likely to get published.

My advice – use a professional writer for press releases.