Whitepapers & eBooks

With a greater word count, whitepapers and eBooks allow you to explain things much more indepth. You can educate people, and help them make informed decisions about your brand or industry.

Whitepapers are a great sales lead generation tool. They include information with a high value for free, and are often passed between work colleagues. Because they are so authoritative and non-product specific, perceptions about your brand increase, and your reputation as an industry leader grows. On average, whitepapers are trusted more than sales collateral, but they take much more time to create due to the amount of research needed.

eBooks also have a lot to say, but differently – more so in a how-to, conversational way. And they can be far more contemporary than whitepapers. Nowdays it’s easy to build interactive eBooks and online magazines using tools to make your content far more engaging and easy to understand. Infographics, interactive diagrams, 3D graphics, picture galleries, hyperlinks, and video can all be used to reinforce and expand your message.

Both whitepapers and eBooks are great giveaways. They can be used to say thanks for opting into your email list, for example. And once created, it’s possible to update facts and reuse them year after year, for a one-off investment.